What We Do

We deliver cost effective CSP technology.

At Vast Solar, we have developed CSP technology that has the capacity to deliver affordable renewable energy to help transform world energy systems cleanly and effectively. Smart, efficient and affordable our technology offers power companies a new cost competitive pathway to generate, store and deliver renewable energy, at scale, up to 24 hours a day.

  • We work with partners to develop and deliver commercial scale CSP generation plants
  • We manufacture key elements of our technology

Our technology is uniquely attractive and ‘ready to grow’, because:

  • Our system can generate, store and dispatch affordable renewable energy
  • We can dispatch power, with a short turn around, on call up to 24 hours a day
  • Our heat capture, transfer and storage system is unique and extremely cost effective
  • Our system is modular, scalable and applicable wherever the sun shines
  • Our smart heliostat optics and control systems deliver efficiencies not seen in comparable systems
  • Our system components are cost effective, easy to manufacture, transport and rapidly install
  • Our system is aesthetically pleasing and low impact on local communities and habitats

Smart, Modular Power Tower Technology 

Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSP) systems capture solar heat from the sun by using heliostats (mirrors) to reflect the sun’s heat to a tower. This heat is then stored, until needed, and used to generate steam that drives a turbine to generate electricity which is distributed to the grid.

Various CSP systems are now becoming available. A key distinguishing feature of these technologies is ‘how’ they capture, transfer, store and utilize the thermal heat they have captured from the sun. Many CSP systems use ‘Power Tower’ technology.  This is the family of technologies that Vast Solar’s technology uniquely sits within.

A number of CSP ‘Power Tower’ technologies feature a single large tower with molten salt to capture and store thermal heat for power generation. These monolithic or single tower systems feature very large single towers that are fuelled by heliostats located progressively further away from the tower. Consequently, their heliostat efficiency in transferring the sun’s heat to the receiver can be relatively poor when compared to the high thermal efficiencies that Vast Solar’s unique small, modular, concentrated fields and heliostat design enable.

Vast Solar’s patented, proprietary technology delivers energy solutions that are more cost effective than our CSP competitors.

We love CSP. We know CSP has a big role to play in transforming the future of world power generation.

Our technology offers competitive advantages you’ll find hard to resist.

Elegant Design

Elegant engineering solutions arrive, some say, ‘not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away’.  They embody simplicity, consistency and elements of the unexpected to create simple and effective solutions.


Clever Manufacture

Once you go beyond the power block (that loves those turbines and heavy engineering) and out into the field, every element of the Vast Solar CSP system has been smartly designed for ready manufacture at scale (high throughput manufacture).


Low Impact

We’re excited to be in the business of renewable energy and we’re proud that our CSP system treads lightly on the planet and in the environments of the communities where Vast Solar CSP plants are located.


Low Cost, High Efficiency.